Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All the comforts of home

OK, so I'm completely avoiding the "doing" of packing right now, in favor of contemplating, and hoping that clarity will arrive.  Sounds very zen, doesn't it?

 Actually, it's more like one of those SAT problems:

  "Val is planning to fill an as-yet-unseen rented minivan with unknown cargo space X and is trying to figure out how many cubic feet of stuff will fit into it.  Subtract from this quantity the amount of stuff that is truly unnecessary, factoring for snow in the Sierra, wind in the high plains, mud in Maine, and hot muggy summertime in the South and East. Include church clothes for a Sunday baptism, and healthy snacks in a cooler to save money.  Express your answer in terms of dufflebags.  Show your work." 

And while you scribble your calculations, I'll sit here and think about how much of home I actually WANT to have with me on the road.  What if "getting away from it all" actually means, "finding all the necessary power-cords, adapters, portable versions of... and travel-sized... so that you can bring it all with you?"  Does a combination coffee-press-single-serving-travel-mug count as a necessity?

My 4 year old just informed me that he's already packed.  His bag contains two stuffed animals and a lot of underwear with cars on it, oh and his bright-orange, hand-knit neckwarmer that I made him last winter.

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